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Everything Social media & more

With so many marketing agencies offering similar content, we decided to diversify from our competition by creating a huge resource of information, free and always accessible to further improve what we call you're "social footprint" 

The following information is primarily about the benefits of Instagram and how a large following can directly translate to a financial gain. 

There are so many ways in which a powerful Instagram account can directly translate into a profit. For a beauty clinic owner, more Instagram followers may directly translate into more bookings. For an influencer, paid collaborations between your content and products you are advertising online. We are going to break down some of the simple changes you can make to maximise your online output. 


1. The quality of your posts. 

Its seems like a really obvious point to make, but the quality of your content is everything. How engaging your material is, actually makes more of an impact than you think - speaking from a marketing standpoint. What we are really referring to here, How engaging is your material? Instagram runs an algorithm that measures exactly this. How much time is each person spending on your post? Are they sharing your post? Are they commenting on your post? Each of these little engagements boost the overall audience your image will be seen by. Which is why engaging content is a must. For example, a photo without a caption might be liked and viewed for an average duration of 5 seconds. Instagram measures this and may only show this image to a capped audience of 5000 people. (this excludes your personal followers, may be sources like explore pages & recommendations). Now lets say you write a paragraph or few lines explaining the image and interacting with your audience. The average retention has now improved from 5 seconds to well upwards of 30 seconds. Again instagram realises this and now samples your image to twice as many people, in this instance 10,000 people. 

Recognising simple algorithms like this & adapting small changes enable you to grow your audience without engaging the help of marketing agencies or paid promotions.